Opening Doors: Carole Noon And Her Dream To Save The Chimps

Opening Doors: Carole Noon And Her Dream To Save The Chimps; by Gary Ferguson, introduction by Jon Stryker; Save The Chimps; $24.95; (ISBN: 978-097966853-1)
As a student Carole Noon soon discovered that her future would be greatly influenced, and altered, for the better when she attended a lecture given by the famous Dr. Jane Goodall. Inspired by this amazing and life-changing event, the young wildlife biology student soon found herself working with Dr. Goodall on her ChimpanZoo program. Using the many skills and valuable knowledge she gained from her time with the program, in 1997 Dr. Noon established the Save The Chimps Sanctuary. This book—Opening Doors: Carole Noon And Her Dream To Save The Chimps—chronicles this wonderfully inspiring true story of one woman’s passion and heartfelt dedication to saving the lives of these highly intelligent primates.


© Jo-Anne McArthur

Award-winning author and keynote presenter Gary Ferguson does a wonderful job of documenting this amazing and heartwarming story—with an introduction by architect, philanthropist and activist Jon Stryker. He also puts the focus on letting the reader get to know some of the sanctuary’s many residents by revealing the tragic past of chimps Phyllis, Ron, Waylon, Tarzan, Melody and Dana. Their rescue, rehabilitation and now bright futures in the safe, nurturing and far more natural environment provided by the sanctuary and it’s many dedicated staff members.