Media Street's New Niagara Inkflow Systems

Media Street, Inc. has announced the release of its Niagara Continuous Ink Flow System for the Epson 4000, R300, R800 and Canon i9900 inkjet printers. The company claims that by eliminating the need for cartridges, the Niagara eliminates waste, increases efficiency and turns a desktop inkjet printer into a continuous printing workhorse.

The Niagara System employs a modified cartridge assembly that hooks up to bulk bottles of ink that sit adjacent to the printer. It provides users with the ability to choose any third-party ink. The Niagara System permits the use of inks previously unavailable with micro-chipped printer models.

Installing the Niagara System requires no permanent modification of the printer. It takes about 20 minutes to prime the system with any ink, install the system into the printer, and begin printing. Combined with Media Street's popular "Plug-N-Play" replacement bulk ink, the Niagara System is said to enable users to make significant cost savings.

The Niagara Continuous Ink Flow System is produced and available for most photo-quality inkjet printers by Epson and Canon. Prices for the Niagara System start at $125.00 and they are also available in bundled packages with introductory ink prices for Media Street's Plug-N-Play as well as their Generations Ink.