Mamiya Integrated Medium Format Digital Camera

Mamiya has announced its integrated medium format digital SLR camera. The Mamiya ZD has a built-in 22 Mega pixel 36mm x 48mm Dalsa CCD imaging sensor is nearly 3 times the size of a full size 35mm D-SLR sensor. The 14 bit A/D (Analogue to Digital) converter records information as 12-bit per color channel for exceptional true to life color accuracy. Data transfer from the Dalsa CCD sensor is processed in real-time with Mamiya's exclusively designed Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

With a frame capture rate of 1.5 fps, it's said to be the fastest 22 Mega pixel digital medium format system in the industry. With its built-in SD and CF media storage card choices, the Mamiya ZD can be used on-location or in the studio, tethered or completely wireless. Utilizing an innovative cartridge type, removable Low-Pass Filter, it offers photographers a choice, depending on shooting conditions, whether to use the filter or not.

The Mamiya ZD camera body design concept was influenced by the Mamiya 645AFD series and incorporates the same 645AF interchangeable lens mount design. The sensor size of the Mamiya ZD is nearly equal to a 6x4.5 film format, which enables use of the full range of wide-angle to telephoto lenses as they were design to perform. All Mamiya 645AF lenses are fully compatible with the Mamiya ZD. To complement the Mamiya ZD camera, simple yet powerful Digital PhotoStudio software has been developed. It offers a complete imaging capture, editing and processing solution in both MAC and Windows based computers. With a firewire connection (IEEE1394) cable many of the cameras functions and controls can be selected and set via the computer for the ultimate studio shooting experience.

Availability and pricing information are to be announced. For more on the Mamiya ZD see our January, 2005 photokina report issue.