Lenz-A-Hand is designed to help hold and stabilize your camera and lens. The unique design helps distribute the weight evenly to both hands, and allows full range of motion on the zoom/focusing ring for smoother and faster zooming and focusing.

Lenz-A-Hand offers a variety of solutions for all level of photographers. Due to its design, you can easily slip the Lenz-A-Hand around your camera lens, position it to your desired comfort and then pull the strap to secure. This product reduces hand fatigue, helps support weight aswell as steadies camera and lens. For those with limited mobility, it assists with zoom/focus range. Lenz-A-Hand can be used with a monopod, tripod or by itself; and fits on some spotting scopes.

Durable, portable and lightweight, Lenz-A-Hand, is compact with a removable handle for easy storage in its own carrying case. It is proudly made in the United States and retails for $39.95. For more information and complete instructional video, please visit www.lenzahand.com.