Canon 35mm F/1.4 vs Sigma 35mm F/1.4 vs Tamron 35mm F/1.4 Lens Shootout!

Camera lens shootouts are always fun especially when comparing a popular focal length and aperture. It's even more fun when they're led by swimsuit photographer Anita Sadowska and she's photographing a beautiful model on the beach.

In the below 35mm F/1.4 battle, Sadowska compares prime lenses from Canon, Sigma, and Tamron while capturing model Faith Rogers. And, of course, the beach location she shoots at is spectacular.

"Today I'm going to be testing out three 35 mil lenses, they're all 1.4. We have a Canon, we have a Sigma and we have a Tamron," Sadowska says. "They're all different price points, they all have something different to offer and we'll see which one is the best value for money. We're going to be testing it out with Faith trying different options, seeing how the 1.4 performs and so on."

Here are the areas where Sadowska judges the trio of prime lenses during her shoot with Faith.

Price and Color
"Let's be honest, first and foremost the biggest difference between the lenses is the price," Sadowska says. "When you're looking at Canon, you're looking at $1800 for the lens. When you're looking at Tamron, it's around $900 and then when you're looking at Sigma, it's $500."

Focus Test
"Let's talk about the most important aspect of all three lenses and that's obviously the focusing and the sharpness. That's what you're paying your money for and that's the most important aspect."

Video Test
"When it comes to video, if you're looking at getting a 35 to do videography, I have to say all three lenes were relatively really good. In terms of the footage there was no color differences. The focusing was very efficient and fast."

Direct Light
"So, we have a bit of sun and I want to test them out in natural direct sunlight and see how it goes. So, we're going to go to 3.5, that's what I usually shoot at."

Size and Build
"Visually when you're looking at all three lenses, Canon has that traditional L-series lens look. I will have to say that it's actually surprisingly big for a prime lens. To be fair it's still not the biggest lens. The biggest one is the Tamron out of the three of them but not by much, but it is definitely a bit heftier of a lens. And then the Sigma, I won't lie, it feels the cheapest."

"So, to sum up what I just covered in this video, I feel like I actually liked the Tamron the most, which was super surprising because I actually never shot with one and I thought it would be my least favorite. I feel like it actually performed really well, it was pretty well priced for the quality of glass that you're getting, the build was really solid, the focusing was on point, everything was just performing really well and seamless."

Watch the video to see many of Sadowska's test photos while photographing Faith and a comparison of different aspects of the three lenses. Then go visit and subscribe to her channel. If you want to see another interesting lens comparison, check out this video pitting a 35mm lens vs a 85mm prime for shooting portraits.