Book Reviews

The Andes: As The Condor Flies; by Tui De Roy, published by Firefly Books, 160 pages; $35; (ISBN 1-55407-070-8)
Tui De Roy is a skillful award-winning writer and photographer who has explored the vast expanse of the Andes mountains since she was a teen-ager. Her amazing adventures in this rugged landscape have inspired the eloquent words and breathtaking images that grace the pages of this book. Featuring 350 color photographs, a map, and informative captions De Roy weaves an extraordinary tale that reveals the scenic wonders and beautiful wildlife of the Andes.

Studio Lighting Solutions: Expert Professional Techniques For Artistic And Commercial Success; by Jack Neubart, published by Amphoto Books, 176 pages; $29.95; (ISBN 0-8174-5907-3)
Knowing how to manipulate light in the studio is a vital skill that all photographers must master. Jack Neubart's guide contains a bounty of tips, tricks, and techniques that will boost your work to the next level. To illustrate his lessons, over 125 sample images were supplied by some of today's most respected photographers. These amazing shots were expertly paired with comprehensive lighting diagrams and detailed equipment lists that make applying the lessons simple and easy. Neubart covers every topic from food to fashion, perfume, jewelry, and beyond which makes this a wonderful resource for both advanced amateurs and professionals alike.

Birds Of Central Park; by Cal Vornberger, foreword by Marie Winn; Abrams; 208 pages; $35; (ISBN 0-8109-5917-8)
In the heart of Manhattan there is a 843-acre wooded oasis known as Central Park. The New York City Audubon Society ranks Central Park as one of the top birding spots in the country due to the fact that it is home to over 200 species of wild birds. This book contains a lavish collection of 175 color images captured by photographer Cal Vornberger. These amazing photographs of majestic eagles, inquisitive owls, proud robins, and playful ducks are organized by season and depict an animal population in recent decline. Featuring informative captions, detailed maps, and a handy pocket-size birding guide, this book is as educational as it is entertaining.

Amphoto's Guide To Digital Black And White Printing: Techniques For Creating High Quality Prints; by George Schaub; Amphoto; 160 pages; $24.95; (ISBN 0-8174-7071-9)
Recent advances in digital technology and software have allowed photographers to capture and create images with speed, imagination, and creativity like never before. George Schaub latest guide provides top quality advice on how to transform a color digital file into a fine art black and white print. Schaub thoroughly explains everything from the history of the art form to tonal scale, contrast, equipment, paper, and ink. He even highlights the procedure for correctly using an image-editing program to make the shift from color to rich black and white. With the aid of 200 sample images and various dialog boxes Schaub makes the learning process easy and entertaining.

India; by Oliver Föllmi, introduction by Radhika Jha; Abrams; 416 pages; $55; (ISBN 0-8109-5949-6)
With the aid of an amazing collection of 200 vibrant images, this award winning photographer weaves an eloquent tale of India as it strives to embrace the modern world. In order to tell the complete story, Föllmi's beautiful portraits represent all social classes from farmers to dancers, artists, and laborers. Through these images we can clearly see the noble soul of this wonderful land and the richness of culture to be discovered there.


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