5 Simple Photoshop Tricks & Shortcuts Beginners Should Know (VIDEO)

If you're an inexperienced Photoshop user and a bit confused by everything the powerful software has to offer, today's quick tutorial from the Creative Layers YouTube channel is just what you need. In barely six minutes you'll learn five simple tips and shortcuts that will take your editing skills to the next level.

We suggest jotting down a few notes for future reference because the amazing techniques you'll learn fly by in a hurry. Tip number one for unlocking the potential of Photoshop involves a super-fast method of changing the color of subjects in a photo—like the eyes of a cat in the sample image.

All you have to do is create a new layer, change the Blending Mode to Color, use a brush to adjust the Flow, choose the appropriate Size and Hardness, and pick the color you want. Then it's a simple matter to paint over the element you want change (in this case the cat's eye) and adjust Hue, Saturation, and Brightness until the new color looks perfect.

Another helpful trick enables you to fix any rough edges that appear in a photograph. Here you'll learn how to identify imperfect edges that occurred when using Photoshop's Object Selection tool. The solution is to click on the Layer Mask, choose Minimum from the Other Filter dropdown menu, and set Radius to one pixel. Then simply increase the Smooth slider after choosing Select and Mask Select.

The next thing you'll learn is how to select and fix sharp or blurred edges of any object within an image like a bird's wings in the example. The solution begins by using Photoshop's Object Selection tool and selecting the element requiring repair. Then click on the Quick Mask icon, choose the Use Masked Area option, and use the Brush or Eraser tool to complete the job as explained.

There are two remaining tips that are just as effective and straightforward as those mentioned above, so be sure to watch the video until the end. If you think all this sounds about as easy as it gets, the unnamed instructor further simplifies all five methods by walking you through the simple steps required.

There are many more beginner image-processing tutorials on the Creative Layers YouTube channel, so pay a visit and explore what's available.

We also suggest watching the tutorial we posted earlier from another image-editing exert who demonstrates a unique and unfamiliar technique for enhancing b&w photographs by improving dynamic range through the use of color tools.