5 EASY Photo Tricks that Might BLOW Your Mind (VIDEO)

The master of easy-to-do but simply amazing photo tricks, Jordi Koalitic, is back with five new trending photography ideas that are perfect for Halloween. These photography tricks, demonstrated by Koalitic in the video below, run the gamut from the scary looking to the downright mind-blowing.

The best thing about these five incredible photo hacks is that you don't need much fancy gear to replicate them. Just a few household items and Koalitic's boundless imaging imagination are all that's necessary to help you capture images that are sure to go viral.

As usual, there's no narration in Koalitic's video: just the tricks as demonstrated by him and his buddies along with the gear and settings he used to get the desired results. Koalitic also shares technical tips and advice on how to easily duplicate the fantastic effects in your photos.

Here are the five photo tricks shown in the video (but they really have to be seen to be believed!):

#1 Shadow Scare

#2 Tiny Tornado

#3 UFO Landing

#4 Flying Letters

#5 Chain Shake

Watch the clip below and then go visit the Jordi Koalitic channel for more fantastic photo fun.

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