You Need to See this Footage of the Mist Rolling Off Yosemite Falls Like a Flowing Rainbow

If you’re planning a photography trip this summer, you’ve no doubt thought about visiting one of this country’s great national parks. And if you’re considering the national parks in the U.S., you’ve likely put Yosemite on your list. Maybe the footage below from National Geographic will help seal the deal.

The clip, which was shared on the National Geographic Adventure Facebook page, shows rainbow mist rolling off Yosemite Falls like something out of a dream.

The effect occurs when the first rays of morning light and the spray from the falls turn the water into what appears to be a cascading rainbow. The effect is amplified by high winds dispersing the spray, allowing the full spectrum of colors to appear along the rock face.

This particular sequence was captured by photographer Greg Harlow, who was waiting for the sunrise over the Sierra Nevada Moutnains, when he spotted the waterfall’s spray turning red.

Or as the comedian Jon Stewart used to say, here is your moment of Zen.