You’ll Never Doubt the Importance of Portrait Lighting After Watching This Fascinating 2-Minute Video

It’s sort of obvious that without light there isn’t a whole lot we can do with our cameras. But the fascinating two-minute video below provides an awe-inspiring demonstration of how light, in its various forms, dramatically changes the look of a simple portrait.

This short film was created four years ago by Nacho Guzman who more recently founded Haze Films, a small London-based production company specializing in music videos, commercials, branding and promotional projects.

The cool thing about the video below is you can pause it at any time to examine the effect of the light as it wraps around a model while changing color, tone, intensity and direction. You can see more from Guzman on the Haze Films website, and be sure to look at our recent story demonstrating 10 lighting set-ups for 10 different portrait looks.