What Makes Hasselblad Mirrorless Camera So Special? See How It’s Done in Sweden (VIDEO)

Hasselblad has been an iconic brand for decades—particularly among medium format film photographers. Long known as a purveyor of premium cameras for pros, the company received a new jolt of relevance with the recent introduction of its compact X-series digital medium format models.

If you’ve ever used a ‘Blad, you know the appeal isn’t about an abundance of trendy features, but rather uncompromising image quality, precision construction using the best materials available, tight tolerances, and rugged design. In fact a Hasselblad manufacturing plant looks more like a medical facility than a factory

There’s always been a unique philosophy behind how Hasselblad cameras are designed and produced that continues to this today. And a look at the following video from Sweden will give you a better appreciation for what goes into these exceptional cameras thanks to the melding of old-school craftsmanship, Scandinavian design, and modern technology.

This is the first episode of an intriguing series from Hasselblad, and it provides an intimate look into the design philosophy behind the X-Series mirrorless cameras. Like previous Hasselblad cameras, these compact medium format digital models are designed to withstand the test of time.

Weighing less than half of conventional medium format cameras, the goal with this unique line was to create cameras with the travel photographer in mind, allowing medium format to be both portable and comfortable to use for extended periods in the field. Of course these attributes are equally appropriate for landscape photographers, street shooters and others looking for maximum image quality in a small, mobile package.

According to the folks at Hasselblad, the color palettes for their new mirrorless cameras were inspired by Swedish landscapes. It’s a a romantic approach that serves the camera well in actual practice.

The video is less than three minutes long and is a welcome diversion from or all the technical matters we frequently discuss. We’ll keep you updated as new episodes are available, but in the meantime you can find more Hasselblad content on the company’s YouTube channel.