Watch Nikon D850s Get Put Through the Ringer in Several Durability Stress Tests (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how Nikon tests the toughness of its top-of-the-line full frame cameras? Watch the below video showing the “strict reliability tests,” that Nikon puts its D850 through to make sure these premium DSLRs are up to snuff.

While it’s a pretty slick marketing piece from Nikon Asia, the video does give you a sense of how much the cameras are made to endure before they’re sold to the public. In the clip, Nikon conducts drop, impact and vibration tests on the D850, along with simulating temperatures and humidity levels “far beyond the operating range.”

The goal, Nikon Asia says, is to test how the D850 will stand up to “harsh and extreme weather conditions,” in the real world.

If you want to see a more independent test on the Nikon D850 along with its chief rivals from Canon, Sony, and Olympus, watch this “water torture test” from our friends at Imaging Resource.

Via Nikon Rumors