WARNING: Don’t Destroy Your Camera and Lenses with the Costly Mistakes in This Funny VIDEO

OK everyone, listen up: Whether or not you’re among those who have more money invested in photo gear than they do in their cars, it’s really important to avoid mistakes than can turn your camera and lenses into expensive paperweights.

In the humorous two-minute video below, photographer and vintage-lens expert Mathieu Stern provides an important reminder about 19 things that can easily destroy costly photo equipment. Despite this video’s cartoonish music and a few silly tips, these warnings on camera care should be taken seriously.

As you might suspect, water, sand, and improper cleaning tools are among what Stern considers the most common offenders when it comes to damaging (or completely ruining) delicate photo gear. It’s also important to protect a camera against salt spray from the ocean, as well as dirt, sand and other airborne contaminants.

Stern also warns about the perils of gravity, and the dangers of using a “DIY Camera Dryer” (AKA a microwave oven) to rehabilitate wet gear. So watch the video, have some fun, and give your equipment the love it deserves.

There are more useful tips on Stern’s YouTube channel, and be sure to watch another of his videos we shared, with a stern (no pun intended) warning about being scammed by disreputable photo agencies.