Top Tips for Indoor Portrait Shoots on Overcast Days (VIDEO)

Shooting indoors in natural light is fun but tricky. If it’s a sunny day and you have good window light, it’s easy to capture eye-popping portraits.

But what if it’s overcast outside? What if there’s barely any natural light? There are a few things you can do to better illuminate your subject even if it’s raining outside and you still want to shoot only in natural light.

Pro swimwear and beauty photographer Anita Sadowska shares her top tips for indoor photo shoots on overcast days in the below video. In the clip, she photographs the lovely model Georgia Ball who wears a variety of outfits, including lingerie, in variable natural lighting conditions.

“Today we have a very overcast sky,” Sadowska notes. “It’s pretty gray outside. It’s not very nice. It’s not raining and it’s not super dull so it’s fine.”

Is Sadowska up to the low light challenge? Of course she is, as you’ll see in the head-turning shots she captures of Ball in the boudoir and out.

“I’m going to be showing you how to pose and tips on lingerie, in general,” she explains. “I’m also going to be using this guy here. It’s going to be a filter with Vaseline on it so stay tuned, it’s going to be very exciting.”

As with many of her videos, Sadowska splits it up into several “looks” with her model, which include wardrobe changes and new challenging lighting scenarios. Most importantly, she presents a variety of poses that you can try with a model during your next photo shoot.

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