Tamron Wins 2004 Hot1 Award For SP AF200-500mm Di Zoom Lens

Tamron USA, Inc. announced that its new zoom lens, SP AF200-500mm F/5-6.3 Di LD (IF), won the prestigious Hot1 award. The 2004 Hot1 Awards were the biggest ever, with over 200 total entries in more than 40 categories. This was the sixth consecutive year for the awards, and the contest has grown in popularity and prestige in each year of its existence. The awards are designed to evaluate and honor top-grade products for the professional photography market. Professional Photographer magazine holds an open entry period during which companies voluntarily enter products in various categories, providing all pertinent product information directly. Professional Photographer editors then audit the categories, make any necessary adjustments or changes, and submit all the information to the panel of expert judges.

The Hot1 judging panel is made up of working professional photographers. These photographers are selected for their specific knowledge of certain market segments and asked to vote on product categories that fall within their area of expertise. The judges are all respected professionals, well recognized in the industry. To maintain the highest level of fairness, none of the judges are employed by Professional Photographer magazine. For a variety of reasons, Professional Photographer does not disclose the identity of the judges, though individual judges may chose to identify themselves during the judging process. A plurality of votes determines the winner of a category.

Tamron's new super telephoto zoom lens began shipping this August. The new high-performance Di model has a telephoto range of 500mm and is a proud new addition to the Tamron SP-series. Featuring such accessories as a filter effect controller (FEC), which enables easy control of the PL filter even when a hood is attached, and a detachable tripod mount, the lens comes equipped with everything necessary for capturing quality sports and wildlife photographs. In addition, to meet the needs of this dual-format world (silver-halide and digital), the optical system of the lens is designed to provide optimum performance when used with the latest digital SLR cameras that are becoming more popular than ever.

The special Hot1 issue of Professional Photographer magazine will be the October 2004 issue, which will ship during the first week of October.

For more information about Tamron and its Digitally Integrated lens series, see www.tamron.com.

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