Take Great Fashion Photos with a Single Strobe and Two DIY “Gobo” Light Modifiers (VIDEO)

In this episode of the Last Frame, Joe Edelman demonstrates how to capture some great fashion photos without a lot of expensive gear. As he explains in the video below, all you need is a single strobe, a 50mm lens, and a couple “gobos” or light modifiers you can easily make yourself.

The ever-exuberant Edelman provides a few simple diagrams illustrating how to pose your model, position you light, and set up your gobos. Then it’s just a matter of taking a couple test shots and adjusting the position of your strobe and light modifiers until you achieve the look you’re after.

You can watch more of Edelman’s videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel. And if you enjoy this tutorial, take a look at the in-depth instructional video we posted earlier on capturing a great sunset and enhancing the image in Lightroom.