Student Union - Sarah Amato

Sarah Amato
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Face Value
A commercial photography student at Ohio University's School of Visual Communication, Sarah's interest in photography grew from her high school experiences. Her school didn't have many photo courses, but she took them all and made them pay off, winning a Gold Key award in a Scholastic Arts competition. "I kept entering photos and shooting more and thinking, maybe I want to do this."

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Today she's sure she wants to do this, though the exact photo field is still undecided. The photos here, though, may be an indication of her future. "I know I want to do more with models. We had a fashion class [this year], and I loved and excelled at it. I think fashion is both my interest now and my strong point." She says the same for black and white photography. "I love black and white. Even for a color shoot, when I scan all the negatives I desaturate them just to see what they'll look like in black and white."

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Sarah Amato was recommended by Larry Hamel-Lambert, assistant professor at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University.

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