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James A. Bollman
Art Institute Of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Attraction
"Landscape photography is an extension of being out there; it's sharing what I've seen, and I'm motivated by the need to capture it. I can relate to the hard work of it--you can't just fly by. You have to want to go out there and spend the time it takes to see things and portray them."

"William Henry Jackson, and the dedication it took to lug all that equipment into the field way back in the 1870s. More recently, Jim Brandenburg, the Northwoods' journal that he published in National Geographic--that's unbelievable, just the discipline to do that--one photo a day for the season. Also Alan Nyiri--his book, White Mountains of New Hampshire, has been an inspiration to me."

James graduated in March from the two-year program at the Art Institute.

"There are classes for different formats, for journalism, magazine and feature work and classes in 4x5 for advertising and location work. The instructors are very good, very knowledgeable; they've all worked in the field, several for a long time."

"My main interest was in landscapes, but at the school they were a bit discouraging about it because it's a tough market. So I got to do a lot more commercial work. I enjoy that, too, but the outdoor work is my love."

Photos © James A. Bollman, 2000

"I do a lot of camping, hiking, and backpacking, and I was doing photography just for fun as part of hiking and camping. Then people said that I had an eye for it and maybe I should pursue it. That's what brought me to the Art Institute. Combining those interests, the outdoors and photography, would be ideal."

James A. Bollman was recommended to us by Tom Donley, an instructor at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

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