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Sheridan College
Ontario, Canada

Digital Noir
Matthew will complete his graduate studies in applied photography at Sheridan College this month and hopes to go to work for a studio where he can use both his commercial photography and photo illustration skills. Ultimately he would like to open his own studio. "I'd like to work with writers, illustrating children's books," he says.

His images feature freehand artwork, scanned into the computer and combined with photographs taken with a Mamiya 645 fitted with a LightPhase digital back. "I start with a basic sketch of what I want, then figure out which parts will be photographs and which will be art."

Image of an Era is one of a series in which Matthew documented fashions of different decades of the 20th century. "Magic" is a class assignment and Private Eye Comics a birthday gift for his brother, Oliver.

Matthew's web site,, offers more of his imaginative imagery.

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