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I love this! Can you tell some more information about what it is (Gymnasium is the English translation but it doesn't look like any gym I've ever seen), where it was taken and anything else you are willing to share about your exposure settings etc.

Definitively captures the spirit of echoing patterns!

Paul Tomey

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Thanks Paul. I spend a lot of time in Europe and this sporthalle is in a town close to where I stay. I have not been in it, but I believe it is used for tennis and a sport that is similar to curling, but on polished wood floors. The photo is of the outside support beams. The building is fairly unremarkable except for the beams. I used a Lumix FZ35. I took it in good light since the Lumix is not known as a lowlight camera. Here are the settings- f8,shutter speed 1/80, ISO 200 at 38mm.

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