Sinarback eMotion22

The Sinarback eMotion22 adds mobility to the Sinarback product line. Providing a completely untethered solution, this 22MP digital back offers a fast capture rate of 1.2 seconds, the flexibility to use CF cards of any size and previews the captured image right on the integrated 2x2 color screen. With a push of a button, information such as the histogram, sensitivity, battery charge level, exposure warning, memory status and white balance are instantly displayed. It is ideal for work in the studio or on location. It features a lithium-ion battery, color display and built-in monitor.

eMotion22 Technical Data:
Sensor Resolution: 5344 x 4008
Sensor Size: 48 x 36mm
Single Shot Mode: Yes
File Size: 124MB
On-Back Display: Yes
Features: Untethered Operation CF Card, Internal Storage
Dynamic Range: 12 f/stops, 16 bits per color channel
ISO Equivalent: 50, 100, 200
Capture Rate: Approx. 1.2 seconds