Sinar Bron's Broncolor Mini-Satellite Reflector

Weighing in at a little over 12 pounds, the new Broncolor Mini-Satellite reflector provides a light angle adjustment range between 18°- 30° (at 3m and beyond). With the mini-satellite, the user can achieve a high light output and yet reduce the amount of stray light. Combined with the Broncolor Pulso G lamp base at a 2 meter distance with 3200 J and 100 ISO, an f-stop up to 180.2 (focused) and at a 10 meter distance an f-stop up to 32.5 (focused) can be obtained. The mini-satellite can be easily moved and the focusing arm can be folded and stored parallel to the reflector (for use as a carrying handle.) The Mini-Satellite provides a hard, well directed light as well as a high light output. The light output is even and is characterized by its soft edges. And, it's easy to carry and is perfect for "on location". All ranges of advertising photography, especially fashion, still-life and food photography are perfect applications for the Mini-Satellite.