Simple Tips on How to Pose Men for Better Portrait Photos (VIDEO)

Many photographers will agree that it can be harder to pose men for portrait photos than women. This is especially true when your male subject isn't a professional model, as we pointed out in this posing tips video for amateurs.

But it can be difficult even if your male subject is an experienced model. In the below video, photographer Anita Sadowska offers some simple tips on how to pose men, whether they are "experienced models or complete newbies."

"I find any time I shoot with men, it's always easier for me to get them to sit down because it gives them a bit more variety of poses and it gets them a bit more relaxed for the shoot," Sadowska explains in her first tip. "Another thing I like to do is that instead of just having them sit straight, it's good if they put their hands up on the bench a tiny bit and have them rest their head on it, so it creates a more interesting shot."

Watch the video below for the rest of her male posing tips and then go visit her channel for more portrait photography how-tos and tutorials. For 20 great poses for men who aren't models, check out this video from Jessica Whitaker.