Redesigned Kanguru Quicksilver Hard Drive

Kanguru Solutions has announced the release of the newly redesigned Kanguru Quicksilver external hard drive. The Kanguru Quicksilver external hard drive features a high strength exterior alloy casing allows for improved heat dissipation during prolonged use. It also provides the option for users to lay the product horizontal or stand vertical to economize precious storage space.

As an additional feature, a vibrant Kanguru LED glows electric blue, providing an eye-catching display when the drive is operating. The sleek and lightweight design of the Kanguru Quicksilver is also incredibly durable, and it is able to withstand up to 200Gs of shock. Available in both USB2.0 and FireWire/USB2.0 combination options, the Kanguru Quicksilver transfers data at very fast speeds, and now offers a high performance 7200RPM drive, and 400GB storage capacity.

A plug and play device, it works with most operating systems including Windows 98/98 SE/ME/2000/XP. The Kanguru Quicksilver also works with Macs OS 9.1 and above and Linux 2.4.1 and above operating systems.

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