Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash Kit

Profoto has released the B1 Location Kit, making the highly portable B1 off-camera flash even easier to bring to an on-location shoot.

Ever since its release in November 2013, the B1 off-camera flash has flown off the shelves as fast as Profoto has been able to deliver it to the stores. The most attention-grabbing features have always been the B1’s TTL metering and its cordless operation. Both of these convey the same message: the B1 is not a studio flash. It is an off-camera flash designed for on-location photography.

With the release of the B1 Location Kit, the B1’s portability is taken to the next level. The kit contains two B1 off-camera flashes, two batteries, a Fast Charger that recharges the battery in one hour, and a Car Charger that plugs into any standard car cigarette connector and recharges the battery in two hours. The gear is packed and delivered in a comfy backpack with room for additional gear not included in the kit, such as stands and lenses.

The B1 Location Kit comes with a streamlined price. Sold at $3950, the kit offers roughly $200 discount compared to buying the included items separately.

The B1 Location Kit is the latest addition to Profoto’s growing and evolving off-camera flash concept.

Profoto is now working on a firmware upgrade that will enable high-speed sync (HSS). Profoto is also busy developing the new Air Remote TTL-N that will enable TTL metering with Nikon cameras. Both the HSS upgrade and the Air Remote TTL-N are expected to be released in 2014.

New Light Shaping Tools, optimized for off-camera fl ashes, are also on their way.