Inspiring Video: Photographer Jeremy Cowart Explains Why All Things Are Possible

In the inspiring video below, noted photographer and social media guru Jeremy Cowart shares his life story and explains how he transformed negative thinking and past stumbles into success in his career and his personal life. Cowart says that from an early age he often thought in terms of “I can’t do this” and that dark mindset had a dramatic impact on his childhood, holding him back and preventing him from reaching his goals. His father soon recognized the pattern and began to reprogram his son’s thoughts by replacing the negative “I can’t” with the positive “I can” and this made all the difference.

It didn’t take long for Cowart to feel the effects of this new way of viewing the world and opened the door to exploring his creativity. While he still had difficulty with schoolwork he excelled in the arts. Cowart pondered the idea of becoming a painter but his parents wisely guided him toward graphic arts and computers instead, this is where he discovered the wonders of Photoshop and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, his career got off to a rocky start but with a leap of faith (and the inspiration of some friends in the music industry) he switched from designing various websites for his employer to creating album covers, websites and more through his own company, Pixelgrazer.

While it's long at 25+ minutes, the video is a wonderfully inspirational story and proof that all things are possible if you believe in yourself and remember that you can do this.

We featured Cowart last year in Shutterbug magazine in a profile story by Jack Neubart.