Photographer Creates Gorgeous Video About His Medium Format Film Experience

The video below, which was posted just a few days ago by photographer Andrew Jamieson of Andy Creative, lasts just four minutes and seventeen seconds but it’s already making photographers on the Internet go crazy with nostalgia over the glory days of film.

In this digital age, many young people now have little to no experience with film photography while most photographers have long since given up their traditional darkrooms in favor of digital images, computers and various apps. It’s a sad fact, but as technology advances we are slowly losing the roots of the art of photography

Jamieson’s brief video, titled "My Photography Process," documents the entire medium format film experience in a simple and poignant manner. He starts by loading the film and moves on to capturing images, developing the film, scanning the negatives and enhancing the images in software. It’s this “old school” process that is fascinating to us, as it is enlightening for some viewers and deeply nostalgic for others.

This video isn’t the only source of information on the world of Medium Format photography. Shutterbug has an extensive archive of mediium format camera reviews, news, and how-tos right right here. Peruse those as you watch this video:

(Via 500px ISO)