Photo Gear 2021: What’s HOT & What’s NOT (VIDEO)

When contemplating the purchase of a new camera, lens, or important accessory, it’s really important to do your research—like reading the reviews we post here. It also helps to get the opinion of professional photographers, and hear what’s selling like hotcakes at retail.

In our ongoing commitment to help you make informed purchasing decisions, we’re bringing you this interesting episode of Photo Talk from Shuttermonkeys. Host Ian Plant has a conversation with Noah Buchanan of Hunt’s Photo & Video, to discuss the latest trends in photo equipment sales.

Plant is a professional photographer, and Hunt’s Photo & Video is one of the nation’s premier imaging retailers, so there’s plenty of credible advice to glean from this episode. And as a bonus, Plant offers valuable photo tips and advice throughout the 18-minute video.

Every photographer has his or her unique needs. Some prefer DSLRs, while many others have switched to mirrorless cameras. Some shoot landscapes with wide-angle lenses, while others use long telephotos for sports and wildlife photography. And there’s a whole range of lens choices in between.

So this discussion between Plant and Buchanan isn’t an attempt to identify the best photo equipment in various categories; rather it’s an up-to-date look at the most popular gear in various categories. 

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an inside look at what’s hot, and what’s not, you’ve come to the right place.

You can watch more episodes of Photo Talk on the Shuttermonkeys YouTube channel, and see everything Hunt’s Photo & Video has to offer on their website.