Phase One Starts Shipping A-Series Mirrorless Medium Format Camera Systems with Alpa Bodies

Phase One has started selling its new A-Series medium format camera systems, the company announced this morning. The new Phase One A-series combines the Danish manufacturer’s current medium format digital camera backs with a Travel Compact body from Alpa and a Rodenstock lens for a rustically modern set-up.

News of the A-series camera system leaked out last month when a distributor announced Phase One would be launch a mirrorless camera. That was partially accurate, in that the new Phase One A250, A260 and A280 systems are based on the ALPA 12TC, which is mirrorless camera body, packaged with a Phase One medium format IQ2 digital back. 

But for anyone who thought Phase One was coming out with a compact mirrorless camera to take on Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and all the rest, were sorely mistaken. The new Phase One A-series is a large, expensive, specialty product with a limited audience.

The Phase One A250 ($47,000) is based around the 50-megapixel CMOS-built IQ250 back; the A260 ($48,000) is based around the long-exposure-capable 60MP CCD-sensor-based IQ260; and the A280 ($55,000) uses the highest-resolution 80MP, CCD-sensor-based IQ280 back.

Each model ships with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. There are also two optional lenses: the ultra-wide 23mm, and the all-round 70mm, ALPA HR Alpagon.

Here are a few more A-series features, provided by Phase One:

• The three A-series Rodenstock Alpagon/Alpar lens profiles are factory calibrated, configured and preloaded on the new IQ2 A-series digital backs. Using the new firmware and A-series camera mode, photographers select the lens used and corrections are then automatically processed in camera and when importing to Capture One Pro 8.1.

• A new version of Capture Pilot permits checking the selected A-lens directly from an iOS device. Once images are captured, they are wirelessly displayed in Capture Pilot, to validate focus, exposure and composition.

• The A250 can stream Live View wirelessly to ease focusing and composition. With the ALPA smart device holder, one can mount both iPhones and iPads directly on the camera.

• Each model is serviced as a complete system, with a 5-year warranty.

• For Raw image processing and image editing, the Phase One A-Series systems ship with Capture One Pro 8.1 as well as Capture Pilot 1.8 for remote viewing. Camera accessories include: release cables, lens shades, straps, covers, an A-series transport case designed by F-Stop Gear, and an iPhone and iPad holder to attach devices in waist-level mode.

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