The Perfect "Canon" Lens for Candid Drinking: It’s a Coffee Mug That Stirs Your Drinks! (VIDEO)

OK, here’s something a bit different: A Canon lens replica mug for coffee lovers that features a self-stirring mechanism and has a stainless steel interior to keep your drinks hot. It’s also great for icy, blended cocktails, but nobody would consume those while out shooting, would they?

This “Canon 24-105mm f/4 Lens Mug” looks a lot like the real thing, but costs about $990 less. And unlike Canon’s lenses, this one is fully waterproof.

The self-stirring lens mug is available from Boing Boing and it’s currently on sale for $12.99 (regular price is $20). It even includes a self-sealing “lens cap” for shooting—I mean drinking—on the run. This technical wonder is powered by two AAA batteries (not included).

Watch the video and get your credit card out.

Via PetaPixel