Pentax Offers First Sub-$600 Digital SLR Kit

Pentax Imaging Company has dropped the price on the *ist DL digital SLR camera with 18-55 DA lens to $599.95. Well known for delivering small, lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable SLRs, Pentax now offers a suite of nine digital lenses specifically designed for use with their digital SLR bodies. Rebates up to $100 on select lenses are currently available through March 31, 2006. More details are available at

Marketing Director Ned Bunnell notes that "Pentax is repeating our heritage of 30 years ago when we introduced the K-1000, one of the most popular and affordable entry-level film SLRs ever manufactured." The company introduced the K-1000 SLR film camera in 1976 and sold more than 2.5 million units during the product's life cycle. Though no longer manufactured, the camera remains popular among students and beginners for its durability, affordability and easy operation in learning the basic fundamentals of photography.