PANTONE ColorVANTAGE Inks Expand Support For Epson K3 Printers

Pantone, Inc announced the availability of PANTONE ColorVANTAGE pigment-based inks for EPSON K3 printers, including the EPSON Stylus Photo 2400, the EPSON Stylus Pro 4800, the EPSON Stylus Pro 7800 and the EPSON Stylus Pro 9800. The new ColorVANTAGE inks for EPSON K3 printers deliver superior color quality without performance loss and are priced approximately 20 percent less than Epson inks.

In addition to the black and light black inks found in ColorVANTAGE inks for Ultrachrome printers, the new ColorVANTAGE inks for EPSON K3 printers also include light, light black ink, for a total of three black inks. The added shade of black ink significantly improves gray balance while eliminating color casts and delivers higher quality output for glossy and matte papers.

PANTONE ColorVANTAGE is a family of premium pigmented inkjet inks and specially developed printer profiles to ensure optimal color performance. The inks are designed for applications that require the most accurate color reproduction and the widest possible range of color such as color photography, fine art reproduction and prepress proofing. A wide variety of profiles for fine art, proofing and photographic papers including Arches Infinity , Seiko Epson Corporation, Hawk Mountain Papers, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Moab Paper Company, Premier Art and Red River Paper are available free-of-charge for registered users at New media and profiles are added regularly. While profiles are not required with ColorVANTAGE Inks, using them will result in better color output.

The new formulation and composition of ColorVANTAGE inks are made to Pantone's exacting specifications to deliver superior imaging properties. The inks are engineered with an extremely small pigment particle size and compatibility with OEM inks, ensuring that they do not clog print head nozzles.

PANTONE ColorVANTAGE pigment-based inks are available as single cartridges and as Starter Kits, which include a complete set of inks required for a specific supported printer. The ColorVANTAGE products are available from online and mail order catalogs such as B & H Photo, ColorMall, and PC, Digital Graphics Resources and Mac Mall. PANTONE ColorVANTAGE inks for the EPSON Pro line of printers are available in 110 ml. and 220 ml. cartridges.

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