Panasonic Debuts New Lumix G 30mm Macro and 42.5mm Portrait Lenses

Panasonic has announced the new Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 ASPH./POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization) (equivalent: 85 mm) and the Lumix G Macro 30mm/ F2.8 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. (equivalent: 60mm) lenses. Both lenses are designed for Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds camera systems.

The Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 features optical image stabilization along with full time Auto Focus (AF). The new lens system is comprised of 10 elements in 8 groups and is designed to deliver portraits with a rich stereoscopic effect, as well as close-ups with attractive background blur, aka bokeh. It features a close-up focusing distance of 12.2 inches, allowing photographers to shoot sharp macro shots of food, flowers and other subjects.

The Lumix G 42.5mm/F1.7 lens features a metal mount designed for durability along with multi-coated lens elements designed to minimize ghosts and flare to further enhance its shooting performance. The lens’ POWER O.I.S. system is designed to compensate for unwanted blur caused by vibration.

The Lumix G MACRO 30mm/ F2.8 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. lens provides sharp, high contrast image rendering with a wide angle and a fast F/2.8 aperture. Utilizing 1x life-size magnification, deep depth of field, and a focusing distance starting at just 4.13 inches, the lens is designed to capture true-to-life macro shots.

It also features a durable metal mount, and has multi-coated lens elements to minimize ghosting.

The Panasonic 30mm Macro will be available in April and the 42.5mm in May. Pricing has not been announced yet.