This Overlooked Lightroom Tool Edits Photos Like a Pro (VIDEO)

There are so many handy tools regularly added to Lightroom, it’s easy to miss the latest and greatest features. But there are also some key tools that have been in Lightroom for a long time that you may have missed.

In the below tutorial, landscape photographer Mark Denney highlights one feature that he calls “Lightroom’s darkest editing secret.”

“In this week’s episode, we discuss Lightroom's darkest photo editing secret and how you can unlock the power of this incredible yet mysterious editing tool,” Denney says. “What's so interesting about this tool is that it isn't something that was just added to Lightroom. It's actually been available for years, but the name of this tool along with the confusing nature of it has turned this into one Lightroom's most least used features.”

So, what’s this mysterious yet invaluable feature? It’s a color-enhancing tool called the Calibration Tool and Denney shows you how it can help give your images some pro-level edits in the below video.

“In this video, we'll unpack the wizardry behind the Calibration Tool, how it works, and how you can drastically improve your landscape photos by using this feature,” he says. “When you combine the fact that most people resist uncertainty and generally don’t use things they don’t understand, plus the name doesn’t help things either by not really projecting an easy to comprehend vibe. When combined, these are really the main culprits as to why this is the most underutilized within Lightroom and is rarely spoken about.”