onOne Software’s Mask Pro 4

onOne Software, Inc., has announced that Mask Pro 4 -- the upgrade to the company's digital image masking plug-in Mask Pro 3 -- will begin shipping on November 18, 2006. Mask Pro 4 provides a complete collection of Photoshop plug-in tools that allow users flexibility when tackling the most challenging masking job. And this new version focuses on teaching the user how to best use each comprehensive toolset for masking a wide range of images.

onOne Software's Mask Pro 4 uses the concept of "keep colors" and "drop colors" chosen by the user and then based on those user selections, the Mask Pro algorithm will remove only those selected colors from an image. One of the strengths of Mask Pro is that when a "drop color" is found in another pixel, Mask Pro will remove only that color value from the pixel, leaving that pixel (or pixels) semi-transparent. This allows Mask Pro to minimize the edge halo effect often seen when masking a transparent object or edge.

Recognizing that masking digital images can be a time-consuming job regardless of the tools used, Mask Pro 4 focuses on teaching users how to effectively complete a masking job through built-in training videos that detail how each tool works and when to use it.

Users who purchased Mask Pro 3 as of September 7, 2006 will receive the upgrade to Mask Pro 4 for free. A free update to version 4 adding support for 16-bit images will be available shortly after the initial 4.0 release.

For additional information, visit www.onOnesoftware.com