Nikon Announces Updated Capture 4.3.1 Software

Nikon Inc. has announced version 4.3.1 updater of their Capture RAW (NEF) image processing software. A complimentary copy of the update is available for current users of version 4.2.x; if using version 4 that is earlier than 4.2, customers must first upgrade to Version 4.2 and then install the new updater. All Version 4.x updaters are complimentary for owners of the full Version 4.0 and higher. Upon installing the Capture 4.3.1 update, the D2X, D2HS, D70S, and D50 digital SLR cameras, as well as earlier Nikon D-Series digital SLR cameras and their NEF files will be supported. A highlight for the new updater is its significantly faster performance for NEF operation. Depending upon the platform (Mac or PC), CPU, and processes in use, this latest updater for Capture software delivers increased processing speeds ranging from 11% up to 40%, compared to previous versions.

A key component of Nikon's Total Imaging System, Capture software enables photographers to perform comprehensive image processing and editing on NEF (RAW) files produced by their Nikon digital SLR cameras as well as NEF files generated from Nikon scanners or converted NEF files that have been generated from JPEG or TIFF file formats. The NEF file structure has been idealized for operation within the Nikon Total Imaging System. Key imaging data from the Nikon camera is embedded within the NEF, and is available to strengthen the image processing capabilities of Nikon Capture software. This nexus of Camera to NEF to Capture embodies a key element of the Nikon Total Imaging System's ability to optimize image quality.