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Shutterbug Magazine Internet Radio Show
Shutterbug magazine has partnered with to present the Shutterbug Magazine Radio Show. The weekly broadcast on Internet radio at is hosted by the "Foto Guys," Jack Warren and Howard Lipin. The show airs live every Saturday morning at 9:00am Pacific time and is available in the archives for anytime listening at The hosts mix lively conversation and banter with a wealth of experience about photography and topics of interest to all levels of photography, making for a lively radio hour. The show features a round of guests including industry insiders, Shutterbug editors and writers, manufacturer's representatives, and accomplished photographers who take part in an unrehearsed give and take with the hosts.

Russ Ellis, Publisher of the Photography Group at Primedia, which includes Shutterbug, Petersen's PHOTOgraphic, and eDigitalPhoto magazines, said, "The purpose of the Shutterbug Radio Show is to promote photography and imaging to people of all ages at all levels all around the world. We are thrilled to be working with Jack and Howard, who both entertain and educate each week. This is just another example of our commitment to the photo and imaging industry and our desire to encourage people to get excited about their involvement with photography." The site, is considered the leader in Internet talk radio with an overall average of 700,000 listeners per month.

While the show can be listened to "live" at 9:00 PST each Saturday morning, an archive of all past shows and topics are available on the site for listening at any time. The show can be accessed via a click through on the Shutterbug web site, The main site for wsRadio is, or for a direct line visit Windows Media Player is required; if necessary, it can be downloaded via a direct link on the wsRadio site. Archives to date include topics such as new cameras, digital workshops, photographing at the Super Bowl, interviews with travel photographers, and tips on scrapbooking with photography. The Foto Guys also set up "live" at PMA 2003 in Las Vegas and the archives contain lively conversation about new products and services showcased at PMA with many of the industry's leading product managers and representatives.