Manfrotto Launches Online Photography Lesson Series

Manfrotto is proud to announce the launch of a series of practical photography lessons available to the public at The lessons were developed in collaboration with Web Photo School, the California, United States based digital photo education company.

Developed to help Manfrotto customers get the most out of their equipment in various "real-life" photographic situations, the lessons provide valuable information on how to tackle different subjects from still life to macro, from nature photography to portraits and more. Each lesson has been created utilizing a range of Manfrotto tripods and heads. Each lesson provides detailed information on every step of the photographic process, from setting up the tripod through framing and lighting technique and turning a good photograph into a great one.

"How to Use a Tripod: The Basics" informs readers on how to use Manfrotto tripods to capture beautiful photographs. "Shooting Glamour in the Studio" teaches users techniques for modifying their glamour photography process to increase image appeal. "A Close Up Look at Macro Photography" focuses on the use of tripods to get pin-sharp close-up photographs.

These and other online photography lessons are available at Manfrotto's new portal website at