Lightroom Tips: How to Make the Photo You Want from the Photo You Have (VIDEO)

Are you comfortable letting other people edit your photos? And if you were to edit someone else's photos in, for instance, Lightroom, what's the first thing you would do? What's the last thing? How would you know if you've pushed the edits too far?

That's the crux of this week's video from Peter McKinnon who puts these practical and philosophical notions to the test while editing a photo from his friend Gabriel in the below video titled "How to Make the Photo You Want from the Photo You Have."

"A lot of people don't like editing, a lot of people love it. Some people just make their photos based off of other images, so you take a waterfall from here, you take a sky from here, a foreground from here and composite them," McKinnon says. "It's a polarizing argument. Editing to the extent that I'm going to edit your photo, because I'm going to change it completely, people would then say, that is no longer photography."

What do you think? Well, first you should watch the video below and see what McKinnon does to Gabriel's drone shot of a snowy road. Do you like his edits, or did he go too far?

Check it out and then visit McKinnon's YouTube channel for more great photography videos.