How to Photograph 2 Models Together with These Outdoor Portrait Tips from Pro Manny Ortiz (VIDEO)

Manny Ortiz is a Chicago-based pro whose outdoor portrait tutorials we feature regularly. In the quick video below, he provides a behind-the-scenes look as he photographs two models at once on the streets of the windy city.

As Ortiz explains, this is the first time he’s ever tackled the task of making portraits of two models together in an urban setting. As the shoot progresses, he explains the thought process behind each photograph he makes. And in just four minutes, you’ll pick up some great tips on outdoor portraiture.

Ortiz begins by explaining his expectations to the models, and how he wants them to work together, have fun, and feed off each other’s energy. Since the models are experienced, he encourages them to strike poses of the own, and he jumps in with suggestions as needed.

Ortiz offers great advice on composition, perspective, and camera angles—illustrating how shooting upward from a low camera position will create dramatic portraits in an urban environment. He also offers focusing and exposure tips, and demonstrates how he chases the light to take advantage of rapidly hanging conditions.

By learning these simple techniques, you’ll be able to turn a weak shot into a great one the next time you hit the streets. There are more helpful videos on Ortiz’ YouTube channel. And be sure to look at another of his posts we shared, explaining what to do if your wife is jealous when you photograph other woman