Learn How to Shoot Dynamic Macro Images with These 10 Tips for Novice Close-Up Photographers (VIDEO)

Whether you’re a committed close-up photographer, or you just want to try something a bit different, the 10 tips for capturing better macro photos in the video below are sure to improve your results. And while this tutorial is billed as one for beginners, it includes some great advice for shooters of all skill levels.

Micael Widell is an accomplished Swedish photographer, as well as a very good instructor, and in seven minutes he demonstrates just about everything you need to know for better macro photography. He begins with a helpful discussion of gear considerations, including affordable lens choices and even more affordable options like reversing a normal lens or using inexpensive extension tubes.

The video also covers the use of portable flash, diffusors, how image stabilization comes into play, and factors to keep in mind depending upon the size of the sensor in your camera.

When it comes to shooting techniques, Widell explains why you should forget about autofocus and learn to focus manually. He also says tripods tend to be impractical for macro photography unless your subject is completely static.

After watching the video, you can find more shooting tips on Widell’s YouTube channel. And speaking of close-up imagery, check out the story we posted this morning featuring spectacular video clips shot with a microscope for Nikon’s 2017 Small World in Motion Competition.