Leaf Launches Fastest Digital Camera Back Series

Leaf has debuted its new Leaf Aptus S-Series at Photokina. The three new digital camera backs: Leaf Aptus 75S, Leaf Aptus 65S, and Leaf Aptus 54S-- feature record-breaking speed rates and unlimited burst depths.

The Leaf Aptus S-Series camera backs have the capability to deliver exceptional shooting speeds from 0.8 seconds per frame--or as many as 75 frames per minute--with unlimited burst depths. The design incorporates advanced, accelerated image-processing hardware, including a new, lossless image-compression engine, designed to achieve record-breaking speeds. Leaf has significantly accelerated shooting speed by doubling the CCD sensor readout speed, and has also doubled the buffer size to effectively support unlimited burst depths. The new S-Series maximizes the newest Sandisk CompactFlash Extreme IV card technology for portable shooting. The camera backs support the latest Firewire 800 standard for data transfer of up to 800Mbps and sensitivity levels up to 800 ISO.

The Leaf Aptus is the world's first and only camera back with a built-in 6 x 7 cm touch screen LCD. This design innovation enables professional photographers to work intuitively, accessing any point on the RAW image with one touch for quick evaluation. The large touch screen gives one-tap access to a range of essential functions and predefined settings that are typically needed before and during a photo shoot. The interface can be accessed in six languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

New Leaf Capture 10 versions for PC and Intel Mac
The latest version of Leaf Capture 10.1 now includes live video, a new temperature slider, and additional new features. Leaf is also launching a PC version of Leaf Capture 10. Designed for simplicity, the Leaf Capture 10 application is the ideal shooting partner for professional photographers. The software supports real-time adjustment and perfection of images while the photos are being taken, using one clear, simple window to perform the tasks and view the results. With the ability to view Leaf RAW images 1:1, photographers can see the true data from their shots and check essential settings. The ease and efficiency of this operation deliver significant timesavings and productivity gains.

At the show Leaf is showcasing three demonstration studios to represent a commercial studio, a fashion shoot, and a surprise main attraction.
For additional information visit: www.leaf-photography.com.