The Just Show Me How Professional Seminar Series

How do digital photographers handle thousands of pictures, maintain quality and efficiency in their work, and stay competitive? Several leading digital photography companies - including Extensis, GretagMacbeth, Lexar, Mirra, Nik Multimedia, Wacom, Microsoft, Adobe, and Blue Pixel - have partnered together to address these questions. While most professional seminars focus on the camera, editing, or printing, the Just Show Me How seminar gives photographers the tools and knowledge they need to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the complete digital process - after they've taken the picture. The Just Show Me How Tour for professional photographers begins in February 2005 and will visit 10 cities through April 2005.

The seminar will be taught by Rob Galbraith, professional photographer and digital photography educator. Rob will guide attendees through the process of creating an end-to-end solution that really works, using the best features of the hardware and software available today. The goal of these seminars is to help serious and professional photographers refine the process after the picture is taken, so that they can direct their creative energies into what they really love - shooting pictures.

Seminar Registration Details

Interested seminar attendees should visit to register for an upcoming event. The cost to attend is $149 in advance or $169 for day of, walk-in registration. Check this web site for the seminar schedule, which starts Feb 9.