How to Turn Any Metal to Gold in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Sometimes you can strike gold when post-processing your images. The perfect tweak to the right image can turn it from an also-ran into a winner. But here's another way to give your photos the Midas Touch, quite literally, in Photoshop.

In the below video, software whiz Unmesh Dinda of PiXImperfect shows you how to turn any metallic surface in an image to gold with Photoshop.

"In this video, we will use a unique combination of Blend Modes to simulate the natural luster of gold," Dinda says. "This lesson will also explore various ways to make the scene more dramatic and realistic by doing things like, adding shine and reflections, enhancing the contrast, changing the sky, etc."

Here's a rundown of the various steps that Dinda explains in the below tutorial with time stamps to show you where they appear in the video.

• Intro to Midas Touch (00:00)

• Add the Gold Color (00:30)

• Use Black and White for Pure Gold (02:44)

• Enhance Reflections and Contrast (03:15)

• Mask It Out (04:27)

• Finishing Touches for Gold (05:35)

• Add Reflection Lights (10:17)

• Replace Sky for Drama (11:18)

• My Top Recommendation for Skies (12:07)

• Detailing (12:54)

• Understand the Concept (13:54)

Check it out below and, if you'd like to follow along and try adding these gold touches to your images, you can download Dinda's sample image for free here.

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