How to Take Amazing Photos of Yourself: Shoot Selfies (As a Couple) that Don’t Suck

With everyone taking selfies these days, why are so many of these self-portraits so terrible? And when couples shoot selfies together while traveling (such as on vacation), why do they only seem to capture their faces and none of the scenic surroundings?

These are the eternal questions for anyone who has spent even a few minutes on social media lately. But how do you shoot selfies (alone and as a couple) that don’t suck? Photographer Pierre T. Lambert and his wife Trina have the answer in the below video, which was shot on location in Paris.

In the tutorial, Pierre and Trina share some great tips on how to shoot two different types of selfies that you don’t see very often on Facebook, Instagram etc: Action Shots and Epic Landscapes. So, watch the video and then hop on over to Pierre’s awesome YouTube channel and click the subscribe button.

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