How to Shoot Outdoor Portraits that Pop Using Flash to Overpower the Sun (VIDEO)

In the below outdoor portrait photography from Ed Gregory of Photos in Color, he explains how to balance flash with low ambient light to create professional-looking outdoor portraits that pop. In the video, Gregory walks you through how these portrait lighting techniques work to help you improve your outdoor portraits.

In the short video, Gregory explains how to use fill flash to correctly light a portrait without blowing out the background. He’ll also show you how to overpower the sun using off-camera flash to give your portrait an ideal exposure despite shooting in mid-day under bright sunny skies.

“Taking portraits in bright sunlight has been a bit of a no-no for a long time but the truth is that you can actually get stunning results if you use a fill flash,” Gregory tells ISO 1200. “The results look awesome and give a high-end feel to any outdoor portrait and the best thing is that it's really not too difficult. You just need to understand how to use a fill flash.”

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Watch more of Gregory’s videos on his excellent Photos in Color YouTube channel.

Via ISO 1200