How to PROPERLY Sharpen & Reduce Noise in Your Images in Lightroom (VIDEO)

There are many ways to sharpen your images and reduce noise using Lightroom but some are better than others. In fact, some sharpening and noise reduction methods in Lightroom can actually degrade image quality.

In the below video, software guru Anthony Morganti gives you the scoop on how to properly sharpen and reduce noise in Lightroom without ruining your photos.

"Sharpening and noise reduction: to the new photographer it can be very confusing. And even to the more experienced photographer, they'll often get mixed results," Morganti says. "I think that's because they don't have a firm understanding about what each of the sliders actually do. In this video, I'm going to clear that all up."

Watch his Lightroom tutorial below and give his sharpening and noise reduction tips and tricks a try on your own images afterwards. Landscape photographers should also watch this video from Mark Denney with the 5 best ways to sharpen your images in Lightroom.

You should also check out Morganti's channel for more helpful software how-to videos.