How to Maximize Image Quality with Any Camera & Lens You Own (VIDEO)

Have you ever returned from a shoot, thinking you captured a bunch of great shots, only to be disappointed when you review the images on a computer? Well, join the club, because this happens to the best of us on occasion.

It’s easy to rationalize mediocre work by saying to yourself, “I need a better a camera and some high-end glass.” But while expensive new equipment can make a difference, if your problems arise from sloppy technique or incorrect camera settings, upgrading your gear isn’t the solution.

And that’s actually good news, because, because a few simple changes in your approach is sometimes all you need to achieve amazing image quality with whatever gear you already own. In the very helpful video below you’ll learn several ways to capture stunning images with improved sharpness and detail.

German photographer Jan Wegener says, “If something is wrong with your photos and image quality just isn’t there, these are the steps you can take for fantastic images.” Photography is all about light, and that’s where he begins, discussing the best time to shoot, and how to make the most of less-than-ideal conditions.

Wegener explains how “heat shimmer,” caused by warm air emanating from the ground, is often a major culprit contributing to poor image quality as visible heat ripples rise through the air. Unfortunately, when that occurs you’re best off moving to a different location or returning at another time.

In a more practical vein, Wegener discusses a variety of camera settings that will improve your results under a variety of situations, tricks for maximizing sharpness, using low ISO settings whenever possible, and making eye contact when photographing wildlife.

He also explains how moving in closer will often result in more compelling images, when you should stop down your lens, and why you should try “getting down and dirty.” There’s much more to learn in this valuable 20-minute episode, so take a close look, give Wegener’s suggestions a try, and you just may find yourself more pleased with the gear you already own.

After watching the video take a trip to Wegener’s YouTube channel where you’ll find more tips and tricks. And check out the tutorial we posted last week, explaining how to shoot the best possible landscape images under harsh, bright sun.