How It Was Shot: The Story Behind This Photo of Fitness Model Clair Crawford

While Shutterbug reader Justin Cale mainly focuses on wildlife photography, he’s recently started adding people in the mix in an effort to expand his photographic horizons.

"Photography has a way of simplifying the complex,” Cale says. “It gives one the ability to deeply observe, at length, the building blocks that make a person who they are.”

And who better to photograph than his friend Clair Crawford? She has become an inspiration to many through videos she shares on social media (Twitter: @buckeyeclair; Instagram: @claircrawford) that document both her struggles and successes on her fitness journey. This photo is one of many in a series he shot of Crawford at Scioto Audubon Metro Park (“a vibrant park that offers an extensive obstacle course where adventurous locals can train”) in Columbus, Ohio.

Inspired by the thought of a fitness magazine cover, Cale strived to “juxtapose Clair’s sheer beauty with her willingness to work hard and overcome obstacles while climbing up the ladder of life.”

This inspiring photo was taken with a Canon EOS 6D and a Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC lens at ISO 100, f/10, and 1/250 second. He also used an AlienBees B800 flash with a 48-inch shoot-through umbrella. To view more of Cale’s work, visit his websites, and

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