How to Attach & Use a Camera Strap: Are You Doing It Wrong? (VIDEO)

The lowly camera strap is something most photographers probably take for granted. You put it on your camera and sling it over shoulder, right?

But could you be using your camera strap wrong? Photographer and educator Phil Steele of SteeleTraining thinks so, and he's here to help in the below video. In the tutorial, Steele tells you "the right ways and wrong ways to attach and use your camera strap."

"You might think there's nothing more simple than a camera strap," Steele says. "You just attach it to your camera and you're done, right? Well, not exactly. There's actually a lot to know even about your most basic camera strap. There are ways you can use it right and there are ways you can use it wrong. There are things you can do with the strap to improve your photos and things you can do with the strap that'll make your photos worse, or even jeopardize your camera."

So, in the below video, Steele covers "everything your ever wanted to know – and probably more – about your camera strap." If you've got just under ten minutes to spare and are interested in improving your strapping skills, we suggest you strap one on below and then hop on over to SteeleTraining's YouTube channel for more great photography videos.